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ATTENTION: Our Kids Are Silently Suffering In The Social Media & Ai-Dominated World.

URGENT: OUR Kids Are Secretly Struggling In The Social Media Age!

Kids all over the world are feeling the weight of our social media and AI-generated culture. Between the ages of 10 and 14, kids experience a big shift in their thinking.

They start caring a lot about what others think of them, wanting to fit in with friends, and feeling down if they’re left out. They start to compare themselves to standards and ideas that are illusions.

Even confident kids can begin to feel unsure and highly sensitive.

During this fragile time, negative thoughts can creep in and start killing their inner flame, stifling their curiosity, eroding their confidence, and leaving them feeling powerless.

This vulnerability makes them susceptible to outside influences and more prone to mental and emotional distress like self-doubt, anxiety, depression, aggression, and many other coping issues.

As a parent who belongs to the American family, I know that together, we can stop this pervasive and silent destroyer of Kid’s well-being.


















Now Is The Time To Arm The Next Generation With Often Overlooked But Critical Life Skills So They Can Seize Their Potential Regardless Of Obstacles.

Dear Fellow Parent,

Remember the uncertainty and excitement of your tween years?

Think back to those rollercoaster times – the music, the feelings, the drama, and the moments that felt like they’d define everything to come – for YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!

I remember some of those moments vividly.

Looking back on your tween and teen years, how often did you think, “Geez! I wish I had understood how to (fill in the blank) or had insight about (fill in the blank), earlier. Life would have been so much easier!”  

If you grew up like me you had to learn how to deal with life the hard way – the school of hard knocks.

Life can be tough, and sometimes the tough lessons it teaches aren’t very helpful.

Not every choice made to avoid pain or to get what we think we want leads to the right decision.

Learning How To Live A Better Life Only From The School Of Hard Knocks Is Like Gambling On Life's Roulette Wheel – Some People Figure It Out, While Others Find Themselves Traveling A Rough Road.

Believe. Become. Be You.

Wouldn’t life be grand if we all had our own personal Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi or Luke Skywalker’s Yoda?

The truth is life feels Hard. – And, the world doesn’t seem safe when we feel unprepared.

Even adults, like us, have trouble understanding the “secrets” to navigating life, despite all the self-help books and advice available.

Imagine how your kid feels when they think about living up to their uncertain future in today’s chaotic world.

The mere idea might make your heart ache.

BUT, I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS that will ease your concerns.

There Are Foundational Life Skills That Are Proven To Make A Huge Difference In Helping Kids Navigate Life's Challenges And Feel More Confident In Everything They Do.

Hi, my name is Jack Gindi, but you can call me Papa Jack.

As a father of four adult children with flourishing lives, I am appreciative of what I have accomplished with dog-eared grit and determination.

My early life wasn’t easy. I grew up as the youngest of six in a tiny three-bedroom Brooklyn home. There was not much money in my family – so if I wanted anything  I had to work hard for it.

I was bullied as a kid because we were poor and experienced other violating traumas that no kid should have to go through.

Despite all that, in my early teens, I knew I was destined for something more.

But, I had no one to guide me, show me the way, and help me understand myself.

I was determined but I struggled.

It wasn’t until my twenties that I participated in a program that changed my life.

I’ll tell you more about that later…

But Now, I Want To Talk To You About Your Kid.

I believe that your kid has an inner superhero and that superhero fire will fuel their journey as they grow and design the life they want. 

Unfortunately, there are some serious roadblocks your kiddo will face.

In fact, tweens everywhere are more susceptible to mental illness today, more than in any other time in history. 

And, It turns out the teen mental health crisis is getting worse, according to a study from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 2019.

It's Really Hard To Pinpoint One Single Reason Behind The Alarming Decline In Tween And Teen Mental Health.

There’s a whole bunch of factors at play – like their surroundings, genetics, what’s happening in their life – they all affect each kid differently.

Even so, there are a few common things that contribute to worry, stress, and self-worth issues. I’m sure you can guess what they are:

Busy Schedules And Pressure To Succeed

Social Media

Underdeveloped Coping Skills

Relationship Difficulties

As a grandpa and a parent of adult kids, I know you’re eager to do whatever it takes to help your kid learn the skills to beat the odds.

Let’s team up and teach them the foundational skills they need, so they can be like Jedi warriors and face life’s Stormtroopers with resilience and confidence.

You're Probably Still Curious About What Made Such A Huge Impact On My Life When I Was 20.

It was a program called Life Spring back in 1980.

That’s where I first came across a powerful concept called: BE. DO. HAVE.

It’s all about becoming who you want to be, living like you’ve already achieved it, and then taking action like that person who’s already achieved their goals. 

And you know what? IT WORKS!

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the teachings of brilliant folks like Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Mike Dooley, Garrett White, Dale Carnegie, and so many others.

Watching My Kids Grow Up, I Wished There Was A Program For Kids Like The One I Took When I Was 20.

I became a successful real estate broker from nothing, raised a family and when I retired from real estate I decided to start a movement and build a program for kids and their parents,
like you.

It is my life’s mission to empower the next generation one kid at a time. Imagine a world led by well-adjusted, kind, happy, and purpose-driven people.

Imagine what it would be like for your 10-14-year-old child to start their journey to adulthood armed with a proven framework of tools and skills that will help them develop mindset wisdom, critical thinking, purpose-driven imagination, self-awareness, and grounded assertiveness skills.

Together, we can give your kid the right resources and skills to thrive. In fact, there was a big study done by some Yale researchers and they looked at how kids learn and feel in school.

What they found out was when kids learn social and emotional skills they do better and feel better in school, even in tough times like COVID. 

Social and emotional skills are life’s game changers!

Normally, most people don’t learn any of these skills until life gets really hard and they are forced to rebuild who they are later in life.

I’m sure you know a couple of these folks.

That’s Why I’ve Created Infinite Possibilities- I Believe In Me Online Program.

This is not your average “how to” empowerment program. It’s the exact program crafted from the New York Times best-selling book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. And adapted for kids by Rebecca Psigoda, a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

My vision is to make this knowledge accessible to all kids, which is why I adapted the in-person, workbook program into 7 entertaining interactive animated videos that can be watched anywhere with internet access – at home, school, library, or even on a mobile phone.

Your kid will learn to use their imagination and believe in themselves, as well as practice a few simple steps every day so that they can create the life that they want.

The I BELIEVE IN ME online program will capture their attention and teach them:

The interactive animated videos promote active learning and family discussions. So you’ll be able to talk more to your kid, understand them better, and figure out what’s going on in their heart and head.

Plus, I’m building a community with weekly live sessions for you and your kids.

I’m thrilled to share this program with you because I know the infinite possibilities and empowerment it holds for your kid and your family.

To your tween’s bright and strong future,

Papa Jack Head Shot Believe Become Be You

Jack Gindi, Founder
BElieve. BEcome. BE YOU.
Certified Trainer in Infinite Possibilities
I Believe in ME and Wake up Warrior

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